La Liga president regrets Messi’s departure, but says: “We have young people like Vinicius Junior” | spanish football

President of LaLiga, the entity that organizes the Spanish Championship, Javier Tebas lamented the Lionel Messi departure from Barcelona to PSG, but made a point of not showing concern. During the release of the sticker album for the current season, the manager recalled other recent outings and stated that the competition will remain strong.

– I miss Messi, Sergio Ramos, Cristiano… but nobody is essential. Ronaldo’s or Neymar’s departure seemed like a catastrophe and we continued to grow. It will also happen with Messi, I don’t care about anything – said Tebas.

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Vini Jr makes a good start to the season at Real Madrid, with three goals in three goals in three games, and was praised by the president of LaLiga — Photo: Getty Images

The president of LaLiga also did not hesitate to attack PSG’s stance on the transfer market. He was ironic when he pointed out that the French team has many experienced players and named 21-year-old Real Madrid striker Vini Jr to praise the new names in Spain.

– It looks like a league of legends because of the age of the players. LaLiga has young players like Vinicius (Junior). What PSG is doing is as dangerous as the Superliga (European). We will fight them in Organs competent bodies – guaranteed Thebes.

PSG have signed 35-year-old Sergio Ramos, 34-year-old Lionel Messi, and 30-year-old Wijnaldum. In the starting lineup, there is still Di María, 33 years old. Javier Tebas made a point of saying that PSG’s business model will not be sustained.

– Currently PSG spends more than 600 million euros on salaries (per year), television in France will pay nothing more than 70 million euros, declared commercial losses 30% above the average of others in Europe… that’s not is sustainable. It can’t happen – said the leader.