Luciano Huck opens the game and details the love story with Angelica

Luciano Huck
Luciano Huck and Angelica played a romantic couple in a film (Image: Playback / Instagram)

In love, Luciano Huck separated to Angelica a whole chapter of your book From door to door, which has just been released. According to the Extra newspaper, in the special part, the presenter tells how he met the artist and how their story unfolds.

In the pages, the global reveals that the two meet for the first time and fell in love backstage in the film A Summer Show in 2003. At the time, the two were dating other people.

“We hadn’t even made it past the first page (of the reading) of the text and I was already completely in love. (…). The problem is that this time there was not one, but two small details: she was dating, and so was I”, Luciano said, but without naming names.

However, according to the publication, at the time, the blonde was dating Maurício Mattar, and Huck with the stylist Astrid Monteiro de Carvalho.

Delighted, the famous made a decision. “Backstage footage was worthy of the term ‘film story’. The two of us, the protagonists, ended the relationships we were in and immersed ourselves in our love tale”, said Luciano.

Also in the book, the author remembers all the times he met Angelica before the beginning of the relationship. The first was in the mid-1990s, backstage at an essay for a magazine. On the day, the two were posing with their respective pairs for a story about Valentine’s Day.

A few years later, in 2000, the blonde, accompanied by her boyfriend at the time, went to the launch party for Caldeirão do Huck, Morro da Urca, in Rio de Janeiro.

The next meeting was when the production of the program invited the current former global to sing on the attraction. Afterwards, the two also recorded a painting for Caldeirão in Fernando de Noronha.

“We sat face to face on the outbound flight, and I confess that I was already fascinated. Everything about her was intense: the color of her eyes, her skin, her easy smile, her hoarse voice, her infectious friendliness, her good mood. That Angelica from television, from ‘I’m going by taxi’, from the covers of magazines, was no longer there. In private, she was even better: a normal girl, nice people, fun and very intelligent“, recalled Luciano in his book.

“The meeting was not perfect due to a ‘small’ detail: Angelica had a boyfriend. The trip is over, life went on, each one to his side“he lamented.

After the years of admiration, the opportunity to get closer happened, which was when the presenter was invited to live the artist’s romantic couple in theaters. “And the reason for accepting was right there on the set, beside me, wearing denim overalls and a white t-shirt,” detailed the famous.

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