Luciano Huck reveals that he was dating when he fell in love with Angelica

Luciano Huck made impressive revelations about his nearly two-decade marriage to presenter Angelica. One of the couple’s secrets is that when they fell in love, they were both dating.

In a chapter of his new book, De Porta em Porta, Luciano tells that both he and Angelica were in previous relationships when they fell in love, during the shooting of the film Um Show de Verão.


“This time there was not one, but two small details: she was dating, and so was I,” writes Luciano in the book.

According to Luciano, he met Angelica three times before they started dating: backstage at a magazine rehearsal, at the Caldeirão launch party in 2000 and during the shooting of a painting in Noronha for his program.

He says that the backstage of this last meeting was a “film story: “The backstage of the filming was worthy of the expression ‘film story’. The two of us, the protagonists, ended the relationships we were in and immersed ourselves in our love tale.”

Luciano and Angelica started dating in 2003 and got married the following year. The two are parents of Joaquim (16 years old), Benício (13 years old) and Eva (8 years old).

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