Mahomes Walks To Throne, But Josh Allen Also Wants To Be NFL King | football

Josh Allen’s new contract with the Bills places the Buffalo quarterback as the league’s second highest paid, second only to Kansas City star Patrick Mahomes. During last season’s playoffs, the two teams met in the AFC final, a decision that resulted in Buffalo’s loss to favorites Chiefs.

Josh Allen playing for the Bills in an NFL match — Photo: Timothy T. Ludwig/Getty Images

Josh’s new contract, which can reach up to $258 million over six seasons, makes Allen one of Patrick Mahomes’ main opponents in his quest to spread a new dynasty in the NFL, given the already advanced age of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

Since the 2003 season, the AFC’s eastern title was captive, only in 2008 did Tom Brady’s Patriots not claim first place in the division. With an impressive 37 touchdowns last season, Josh Allen has empowered the Bills to break that mark. Tom’s departure rekindles a previously decimated competitiveness, but if it is up to Allen, this dispute will once again be extinguished and a new dynasty could reign.

When Buffalo last won the division in 1995, Josh Allen wasn’t even alive. The quarterback who would ultimately bring the division victory after 25 years was only born almost four months after that season’s Super Bowl, won by the Dallas Cowboys, in January 1996. It took a new quarterback to come to the world for the Bills to regain their competitive edge. which led Bufallo to four straight AFC titles (in seasons 1990/91 to 93/94). Still, even back in the Super Bowl title shots, the New York State franchise has lost its four chances to be champion.

As Buffalo did in ’94, the Chiefs can launch into a fourth straight final and also win a third straight AFC title like the Patriots of Tom Brady. Even with the defeat in the last Super Bowl, the Kansas City team remains the team to beat this season. However, after so many years without winning the division, without winning playoffs, being the underdog can be a powerful weapon for Josh Allen.

Josh Allen against the Denver Broncos — Photo: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Bills won every game they played for the NFL preseason against the Lions, Bears and Packers. Buffalo’s team debuts in the NFL, at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers, on Sunday at 2 pm (Brasilia time).

It could be Bufallo’s big moment to definitively interrupt this hiatus in its history, the team from four straight Super Bowls and four straight losses as well, the same 2020/21 Bills that won the division and reached the AFC final but lost the Missouri decision against mighty Kansas City.

Looking at the whole story built by the Bills, there is an impression that not everything has yet been told, a feeling that the 25-year narration of a story has been erased, interrupted at some point. But the time to get back to writing glorious new chapters in the NFL may finally be back. And, with pen or ball, Bufallo’s new chapters promise to be very well guided by Josh Allen’s hands.