Marcos Mion shows a cut scene from Tiago Leifert’s ‘Cauldron’ dancing with Gretchen: ‘Sexy without being vulgar’

If Tiago Leifert refused to risk little steps when encouraged by the jury of the “Superdança dos famous”, in charge of the board on Sundays, for the “Caldeirão” he left his shame aside and showed all his sway. Marcos Mion, published a video on his social network this Tuesday afternoon (the 7th) with an unprecedented scene of his colleague loosening himself on stage to the sound of Gretchen. The presenter said that the moment was edited due to lack of time and ended up not airing last Saturday.

“Look at the things we have to cut from the Caldeirão because of time! Let’s ask Boninho to release the uncut version (uncut) for Globoplay!”, wrote Mion in the video’s caption. And he continued: “Auntie, this one made history, brother! Your STRESSED countenance when rolling sexy without being vulgar is PRICELESS!”.

Globo’s new Saturday afternoon presenter still joked, insinuating that making Leifert dance on the show’s stage was a challenge to be hired:

“That’s actually how I signed my contract! I told Boninho: Do ​​you doubt I put Tiago Leifert to do the piripiri with Gretchen on stage? He: I doubt it! Me: Then hire me! Done”.

Lúcio Mauro Filho, actor and singer in front of the “Caldeirão” band, commented in the post: “And look, the little animal was still stuck in the column! Imagine if you didn’t!”.

Tiago Leifert, who was on the program to participate in the painting “Sobe o Som”, alongside Ana Furtado, exclaimed: “Marcos!!!”, accompanied by emojis of amazement and secrecy.