Mathematical history of Serie B keeps Vasco in the second division in 2022 – 07/09/2021

Vasco is ninth in the Brazilian Championship of Serie B, has 32 points in 23 games, 46.4% of success, a criterion through which it remains in this position. There are ten points behind, for the leader of the second division, Coritiba, and six behind the fourth place, Goiás, which would be, today, the last of the four to move up to Serie A in 2022.

However, the team from Rio has already played two games more than the team from Goiás and has one more than six of the other seven that remain ahead of them on the leaderboard. The defeat (3-1) on Monday night to Avaí was the fourth in the last six games, with a draw and a victory, that is, four points in 18 played, only 22% in the period.

The timing is delicate. If we look at previous editions of Series B, we will see that in 2020 the CRB had the same score as the Vasco team today, but with 22 matches. It did not go up, like Cuiabá in 2019, Vila Nova in 2018, Boa Esporte (with 31 points) in 2017 and 2013, Criciúma in 2016 and 2015, Santa Cruz (33), América de Natal in 2012 (33 ).

Paraná was ninth in 2011 (31 points), as was Portuguesa in 2010 (31) and Ponte Preta in 2009, the year of Vasco’s first participation in the second division. The team led with 43 points at that time and remained in first place until the end of the championship. A very different scenario from the current one, more than worrisome, due to the weak football of the Rio team and, let’s say, the mathematical history of Serie B.

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