Mayor must make “tough” pronouncement on Bolsonaro’s new attacks on the STF | Policy

O President of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), must make a statement this Wednesday (08) after the president Jair Bolsonaro make new attacks on Federal Supreme Court (STF) and threatening to fail to comply with court decisions during September 7 demonstrations.

The PP congressman has been asked by allies to take a public stand after the head of the Executive Branch adopted a “coupist tone” during his speeches in Brasília and São Paulo during the protests.

He is expected to speak this Wednesday afternoon at Chamber of Deputies. different from President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG), Lira held the sessions to review proposals this week, after conversations with party leaders.

According to the Value, the president of the Chamber must make a “hard” speech, in defense of democracy and harmony between the Powers.

He should also mention the fact that Bolsonaro has again broken the agreement to respect the Chamber’s decision to bury the analysis of the proposed constitutional amendment (PEC) of the printed vote.

Lira held the sessions to vote three projects that change rules for the election, such as changes in the vacancies distributed by the leftovers of the coalitions and quotas for women in the Legislative.

According to the DEM leader in the Chamber, Efraim Filho (PB), the “Electoral Code” project, with almost 900 articles, is not yet mature and should be discussed further, while the three projects are simpler and have already been voted on. by the Senate.

In addition to the women’s quota and the change in leftovers, the other proposal is the return of party propaganda on television and radio in non-electoral years. This advertising was discontinued in 2017 for the creation of the electoral fund with public money.

Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG) decided to cancel this week’s sessions due to “lack of climate” for voting after President Jair Bolsonaro attacked Supreme Court (STF) ministers in acts on Tuesday and threatened failing to comply with court decisions.

Despite the suspension of activities in the Senate, in the Chamber, the opposition is in favor of holding sessions. “We don’t have to vote on anything that comes from the government, but we have to have a session to debate what happened,” said PT leader, deputy Elvino Bohn Gass (RS).

According to the PT, the opposition will again ask Lira to open the impeachment process for Bolsonaro. “If the Chamber and the institutions do not react, we are accepting non-compliance with the laws and the Constitution,” said Bohn Gass.

— Photo: Michel Jesus/Chamber of Deputies