Meeting called by Bolsonaro belongs to the Council of Government, not the Council of the Republic, say ministers

Quoted by the president Jair Bolsonaro in his speech during the September 7 demonstrations in Brasília, the Council of the Republic meeting will not take place. Policy ministers told the state that the meeting, scheduled for this Wednesday at 9:30 am, is the responsibility of the Government Council, made up of ministers of the government itself and the vice president, Hamilton Mourão.

In his speech in a threatening tone to the other Powers, Bolsonaro said that the presidents of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG), and of the Federal Supreme Court, Luiz Fux, would also participate, but none of them have yet been invited.

“Tomorrow I will be at the Council of the Republic. Together with the ministers. For us, together with the president of the Chamber, the Senate and the Federal Supreme Court, with this photograph of you, to show where we must all go”, said Bolsonaro from the platform of the federal capital.

The Governing Council, which meets tomorrow, has a consultative character to discuss government actions. It is the president himself who summons the members to the meeting and appoints one of them to chair the meeting. It is possible that one of the themes on the agenda of this Wednesday’s meeting is precisely the possibility of convening the Council of the Republic.

According to people who follow the matter, the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic, which is responsible for organizing the meetings, was not working to promote any meeting and was taken by surprise by Bolsonaro’s declaration in Brasília.

Lira and Pacheco were not even officially summoned to the meeting, according to advisers. Fux, who does not formally participate in the Council of the Republic, has already stated through his advisors that he would not go to any meeting of the collegiate, as he is not part of it, according to the constitutional provision. In recent months, the two have signaled that they will not support Bolsonaro’s attempts at institutional disruption.

In his speech in São Paulo, where he maintained the tone of attacks on the Supreme Court, Bolsonaro did not mention any meeting with members of other powers.

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