Merchant steals winning lottery ticket from a 70-year-old lady and flees on a motorcycle in Italy; know the outcome!

A smart Italian merchant tried to hit a lady and ended up going wrong… The man was arrested this Sunday (5), at Rome-Fiumicino airport, trying to board to Spain, after having stolen a prized ticket worth 500 thousand euros (about 3 million reais) from one of its clients. The arrest was informed by the local police on Monday (6). Despite being detained, he did not have the ticket and the search continues. Geez!

The case took place on Thursday (2), in a tobacconist in the Materdei neighborhood in Naples. The 70-year-old lady went to the place and bought two scratchcards for 10 euros (about 61 reais). The first had no prize, but the second showed the trifle of half a million euros. She then sought help from one of the employees to confirm that she had actually won. The problem was that her joy didn’t last long…

According to IstoÉ magazine, the boy passed the ticket to the owner of the tobacconist, so that he could start the payment process. However, the man, identified only as GS, aged 57, took the paper and fled the scene on a motorcycle. Poor old lady! The officials themselves denounced the situation and the police began the search, issuing several alerts. The popular commotion was so great that all Italian police, neighboring countries and border guards mobilized to find the culprit.

Merchant even tried to get rid of the robbery by blaming the old woman.  (Photo: Emiliano Vittoriosi; Unsplash)
Merchant even tried to get rid of the robbery by blaming the old woman. (Photograph:
Emiliano Vittoriosi; Unsplash)

The authorities responsible for the investigations informed that, after the theft, the merchant went to the city of Latina, between Naples and Rome, to deposit the winning ticket in a bank and be able to withdraw it later. Despite everything, the thief was recognized over the weekend by border police at the airport, while trying to embark for the Canary Islands, Spain.

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According to G1, when he was arrested, he also informed that he wanted to denounce a woman who accused him of having stolen her ticket. Can this? The Italian prosecution opened an investigation for aggravated theft, and suspended the tobacco shop’s license to operate. The local court also ordered the seizure of the winning coupon. The company responsible for issuing the tickets said it vetoed the sale of scratch cards and blocked payments until the situation was fully clarified. Where did this note end up? The question remains…