Mexico’s Supreme Court declares the criminalization of abortion unconstitutional | World

The Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico declared, in a unanimous vote, unconstitutional the criminalization of abortion in the country. The decision, adopted on Tuesday (7), becomes a mandatory criterion for all Mexican judges.

The Supreme Court decided on a case that questions the criminalization of abortion in the state of Coahuila, which provided for a penalty of up to three years in prison for voluntarily terminating a pregnancy.

“This is a historic step for women’s rights,” said court minister Luis Maria Aguilar.

Pro-abortion demonstration in Mexico City, in photo 2017 — Photo: AFP

Minister Ana Margarita Ríos Farjat highlighted in her speech that the Federal Constitution does not prohibit abortion and that its punishment means a sanction against the exercise of rights such as human dignity, autonomy, free personality development, legal equality, health and reproductive freedom.

“In light of the Constitution, which does not prohibit abortion, can the State punish it? By punishing it, it sanctions a conduct rooted in a series of rights possessed by women and by people with the capacity to bear children and who participate in the decision to abort, such as the right to human dignity, autonomy and the free development of personality. , legal equality, health and reproductive freedom. In other words, sanctioning the voluntary termination of pregnancy implies a limit to all these human rights”, he said.

“Pregnant women are criminalized, without constitutionally defining whether life is invariably protected from conception and what is the treatment of the embryo in the legal world,” he added.