Michael Schumacher’s wife talks about the health status of the seven-time F1 champion

Corinna said the former pilot is undergoing treatment, but did not reveal which

Filled with secrets and mysteries for almost eight years, Michael Schumacher’s health condition has gained small details in the last hours. According to Race Fans, the German’s wife, Corinna, revealed that the former driver is “different”. The statement, according to the vehicle, was given to the documentary about Schumacher that will be shown on Netflix starting next Wednesday (15th).

“Of course I miss Michael every day. But it’s not just me who misses him: his children, his family, his father, everyone around him,” she began, before confirming that her husband hasn’t died. “Everyone misses Michael, but Michael is here. In a different way, but he is here, and that gives us strength, I think,” added Corinna.

She also said that the seven times champion of Formula 1 is undergoing treatment, but did not detail the real situation of the German. “We live at home together, we go to therapy. We do everything we can to make Michael better and to make him feel comfortable and simply to make him feel our family, our bond. And no matter what happens, I’ll do everything I can . We all will.”

Finally, according to Race Fans, she stressed that privacy has always been something Schumi valued, justifying the mystery surrounding her health.

“We’re trying to continue as a family the way Michael liked and still does. We’re getting on with our lives. ‘Private is private,’ he always said. It’s very important to me that he can continue to enjoy his private life as much as possible. Michael has always protected us, now we are protecting Michael,” he concluded.

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