Missed the day of sex? Specialist gives tips to shake up the relationship throughout the year

posted on 9/7/2021 1:54 PM / updated on 9/7/2021 1:54 PM

  (credit: Caio Gomez/CB/DA Press)

(credit: Caio Gomez/CB/DA Press)

Sex Day, celebrated on Monday (9/6), rekindled the old sign of the importance of paying attention to sexual health, and more: how to make this health last. According to sexologist Giovane Oliveira, it is essential to face the act with less taboo, especially in relationships that have lasted longer.

“When we think about talking about sex and no taboo, we think about young people and end up forgetting the couples with more years, who leave sex a little in the midst of so many daily problems. One thing I always say is if we have an agenda to talk about everything, about so many problems, then I think it’s more than natural to think about sitting down and talking about sex, not just about adventures, toys. The initial step is to talk about how you are feeling, how is the quality, understanding the desires.”

going on the attack

Oliveira prepared four tips to shake up your sex life. Check out:

Number 1: “I have four tips for those who want to enjoy the day of sex well, but before I give these tips, I think you have to be careful with the pressure to do something different, something like thinking ‘it’s all a lot of sex, it’s not me’, this is dangerous. So think: is there this desire to do something? Because if you don’t feel like it, it doesn’t work very well to force anything. So the first tip is to talk, understand what needs to be done to celebrate the day of sex, or any other day of the year.”

Number 2: “The second tip is to try to explore different places at home, not having to do anything daring in the street, the idea is to explore the environment that the person feels comfortable in, but with something new.”

Number 3: “Third tip: explore sex without penetration. Pelvis, torso, nape, various places. Many people might not even think of it as a possibility and it comes from a mentality of what sex is for men and women, men understand sex more than the penis, but the side effect of this is that when you play sex only for one place, other places in the body lose their importance, but the whole body needs to be in a degree of excitement. It is estimated that about 70% of women have not had orgasms in their lifetime, many have had an education not to explore the body and not even touch their vagina. I’m not saying penetration is a bad thing, but understanding that there are other forms of arousal throughout the body is important in sex.”

Number 4: “Fourth tip: accessories. Betting on the use of toys, clitoris suckers, bullets, which is an object the size of a lipstick, which has high vibration and which men can also use, on the perineum, for example.”