Model seen with MC Poze charged R$4,000 as a call girl

Model Laisa Moraes, who was seen with MC Poze do Rodo on Saturday (4/9), has already admitted to having made pink book for R$ 4 thousand. The revelation took place in 2016, during an interview with Band’s now extinct program A Liga. The brunette was identified as the pivot of the funkeiro’s separation from Vivianne Noronha, pregnant with the artist’s third child at the age of 17.

Laisa was interviewed by Mariana Weickert about book rosa, a modality of models who also act as call girls. At the time, the topic discussed was on the rise due to the soap opera Verdades Secretas, which is currently being reruns on Globo.


At the time, she was 19 years old and spoke openly about her profession. “At night, it’s four (one thousand reais)”, she said, adding that monthly billing reached R$ 40 thousand.

Controversy with MC Poze

On Sunday (5/9), Laisa spoke on her Instagram account about the controversy surrounding her name with MC Poze. She explained what had happened the day before.

“I would like to understand all this auê because of a photo. I just played my fan role, which is taking a picture with your idol. Anyone who accompanies me knows that I almost always post his songs here”, said the model, who was at a birthday party.

“There are a lot of girls coming to call me names. What did I do wrong? I know a lot of famous people and I don’t stay with them all. I wasn’t the pivot of anyone’s separation. I just took a picture with him. It’s going to ruin someone else’s patience,” he concluded.