Motherboard manufacturers to release BIOS for Windows 11

New BIOS will bring TPM 2.0 enabled by default; MSI is first to announce its updates

The (controversial?) Windows 11 is getting closer and closer to release. It’s 28 days to its official arrival and some manufacturers of motherboards are bringing updates on BIOS. These updates will make the (now very) famous chip TPM 2.0 come enabled by default in motherboard.

THE MSI, according to WCCF Tech, released an update to seven AMD motherboards. Five of them are B550 models and the other two are B450. So if you want to save work when buying a new one motherboard, check the list of models that will receive the update:

  • MEG B550 UNIFY
  • MEG B550 UNIFY-X

But be aware: the updates released by WCCF Tech are not on the official website of MSI, but in a link in the Google Drive. Wait to appear on the manufacturer’s support page.

THE MSI also announced that the rest of his X570, X470 and B450 motherboards will soon receive the update on the BIOS. Like Windows 11 sending that zap with “I’m leaving the house, I’m already there” and with the obligation to have the TPM 2.0, more manufacturers will release updates for the BIOS. Of course, for those who have “ease” with computers, it is not difficult to activate the chip by accessing the BIOS. However, for many users it will be easier for this to come “released” by default in the motherboard.

Windows 11 is coming!

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The new operational system gives Microsoft will be officially released on October 5th. The requirement of the TPM 2.0 for the installation of Windows 11 is mandatory, “but not”. It will be possible to install the operational system on unsupported hardware via a bootable ISO. But there is one catch: the Microsoft will not update the Windows 11 on incompatible devices. See more about the Windows 11 in the video below.


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Via: Tom’s Hardware Source: WCCF Tech