Mulher asks for “Fora Bolsonaro” live, during a program by Patrícia Abravanel, and the web points out ‘climão’; come watch!

WL! This Tuesday (7), there was a climate on the show “Vem Pra Cá”, presented by Patrícia Abravanel. The attraction was covering the demonstrations for and against President Jair Bolsonaro that took the country on this day of Independence in Brazil, when an interviewee broke protocol and sent a sincere message of repudiation to our ruler.

You were approached by the reporter for the program, who spoke about how one of the protesters’ requests would be the removal of the president from power. The woman then fired: “Out Bolsonaro, genocide. Enough, already, years of suffering in this country“.

Patrícia and Gabriel Cartolano followed the studio interview and had no reaction when they heard the sentence. Silvio Santos’ daughter is married to Fábio Faria, Minister of Communications in the Bolsonaro government. The owner of the SBT is a declared supporter of the president, having already received it at his house and stated, in a note circulated internally at the station, that Jair would be his “boss”.

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The moment was successful on social networks, and internet users celebrated the viewer’s courage. “Can you not love?“, said one person. “I love you, girl who declared ‘out of Bolsonaro’ on Patrícia Abravanel’s show“, vibrated another. “I slept in fear of a blow. I woke up with Patricia Abravanel taking a blow. Who is this lady, perfect?“, asked journalist Jordania Souza. See more reactions:

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