Muricy reveals the fortune that Benedetto asked for from São Paulo and says which Cotia’s offspring should go faster to Europe

Former coach and current soccer coordinator at São Paulo, Muricy Ramalho gave details of the frustrated negotiation with Darío Benedetto.

In an interview with Arnaldo e Tirone, the manager stated that the Argentine striker, who belongs to the Marseille Olympics and is currently on loan to Elche, asked for a fortune that the Tricolor do Morumbi, despite the shortage in the sector, could not afford.

”Benedetto there, who came for a year, wanted R$ 18 million, man. For a year just and go. And we were pressured to bring a 9. People said: you don’t hire anyone, you’re failing. Man, failing? Look what the guy asks! Not quite. To get money is very complicated. We are bringing people to pay next year,” said the former Brazilian three-time champion.

Muricy also spoke about Cotia’s current generation, which he believes will yield good results for the Tricolor do Morumbi, and pointed out that the young revelation should be transferred to Europe in the not-too-distant future.

”A player who has all the fundamentals to be of a strong level, and won’t stay long at São Paulo, is the [Gabriel] Sara. He is very different, he plays there in almost every position, shoots well, heads well and has a very strong physical part. I’m talking about a player for today, for the international market. We also have Nestor, who is another ace, another left-hander”, said the coordinator.

”Liziero played a lot again, from the first wheel. So we have these guys, Luan himself called Porto’s attention. I like them all, but one player that teams look down on is Sara. When he plays, our team is different,” he concluded.