Nadja accuses Lucas of assault and scandalizes viewers with accusation

Island Record
Nadja accuses Lucas of psychological aggression and denounces the production of Ilha Record (Images: Reproduction – PlayPlus / Editing – RD1)

Although many participants got right during the competition, the bad weather between Nadja person and Lucas Selfie at the Island Record seems to have no end. The famous accused the rival of psychological aggression, after a controversial attitude that took place in Exile.

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Nadja was one of the last to arrive in exile and ended up bothering the former member of the extinct Panico na Band due to his delay in the bathroom: “She likes to stay two hours, three hours, a long time [lá]. And when you’re in a collective relationship, that’s kind of difficult. She locked herself in there and everyone was tight”.

That’s when Lucas decided to knock hard on the door and it accidentally opened, showing Nadja fully dressed: “The door was already open or it was barely closed, I don’t know what happened. And then when I knocked on the door with my hand, it opened”.

The ex-Fazenda felt very offended by what the exile did, as she showed in her private testimony: “When I had finished putting on my clothes, Lucas slapped the door with his hand and opened the door, even though it was locked.”.

After she left the bathroom for good, Nadja Pessoa turned towards the cameras in order to denounce the confinement for the production of the reality show on Record:

Lucas broke down the bathroom door, I could be naked. This is psychological aggression, a lack of ethics. I was in the bathroom, he broke down the door and I could be naked, okay? Do not accept violent men, who break down the bathroom door, kick the bathroom door, that is aggression. Besides being an aggression that I could be naked, it’s a psychological aggression. Lucas does not represent the respectable man who respects a woman”.

Thomaz Costa tried to calm his friend, but without success. Nanah Damasceno defended Lucas Selfie, recalling D’Black’s ex-wife’s gratuitous provocation against Any Borges and accusing the participant of breaking the scenario.

Mirella Santos was in the middle of the game, on the side of the game partner, but condemning the provocations of the presenter, who reacted: “She has been doing this from day one. It goes on burning. I don’t bow my head to her. Crazy only stops being crazy when he meets someone even crazier”.

The next day, Nadja continued echoing the subject, blasting Lucas: “I was shaking. I see it as aggression. Imagine if the door goes in my face? It could get all spoiled. I don’t accept what happened”.

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