New committee: CEO Jorge Braga reveals that decisions in Botafogo football are not taken individually and reveals members

Just hearing about or reading “soccer committee”, many fans of the Botafogo they are already suspicious after the disaster that was the decision-making process of a group of alvinegros, with the same name, in the 2020 season, which ended with the third relegation in the club’s history. Only this Tuesday (7/9), the term was once again used by the CEO Jorge Braga in an interview with SportTV. The leader revealed that all deliberations regarding the Glorious are made together.

Botafogo’s new football committee has four members. The CEO himself, the president Durcesio Mello, the general vice president Vinicius Assumpção and the football director Edward Freeland. No choice is made centrally.

– I managed to have a leaner team with fewer hierarchical levels outside of football. And within football there is a whole science of choosing and recruiting athletes. there is the scouting in the evolving world. We grew a lot in this regard too. Today, for example, we have a football committee, in which I, Durcesio, the general vice president and the football director participate. No decision is made individually today. It is always a discussion of what is the best return for the type of investment we are making – told on the program “SporTV Selection”.

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2020 football committee members

In 2020, the football executive committee was formed by former presidents Nelson Mufarrej and Carlos Augusto Montenegro, Besides Ricardo Rotenberg, Manoel Renha, Marco Agostini and Claudio Good. More than 20 players have been signed by management, the vast majority not remaining for the current season.