Nora de Glória comments on Tarcísio Filho’s relationship with the actress: ‘Zeloso’

Mocita Fagundes, publicist and daughter-in-law of actress Glória Menezes, married to fellow actor Tarcísio Filho, melted for the duo when sharing a spontaneous record of the two and commented on the relationship between mother and child:

About child love. I took this photo without them noticing. Forgive me, Tarcisinho and Gloria. I like looking at her. Give me endless peace and fill me with love. Today I decided to publish. To share too – the cherished moments. In it, everything that we are living is printed. Compassion, infinite love, comfort. I admire the way Tarcisinho treats Gloria. I find it sweet, kind, empathetic, polite, respectful and very loving! He knows how to listen and how to position himself. Mocita Fagundes

“Today, he has a difficult role to play. The role of making his mother relearn how to live without the physical presence of his father. And he does it with great calm and patience, but mainly, with a lot of conversation and a lot of LOVE. He emphasizes how happy he is. they were, and it sweetly reaffirms the hardness of finitude,” added Mocita.

“She listens carefully. The exchange between the two is beautiful to behold. For the public, she is the great Gloria Menezes. For him, it is much more than that. She is the mother. And there is no love greater than that. I love you so much, Tarcisio, because you are (also) a zealous son,” he concluded.

Glória’s daughter-in-law has been sharing the family’s routine after the death of actor Tarcísio Meira, husband and life partner of the actress, who died at the age of 85 on August 12 due to complications from covid-19.

Glória also tested positive for covid-19 and was hospitalized for ten days at Hospital Albert Einstein, in São Paulo. The artist received a surprise from the clinical staff when she left the hospital, with posters, balloons and a round of applause.

Last Saturday (4), Mocita told that Glória Menezes returned to live in Rio de Janeiro:

Today we enter step 2. Changing the scene is always nice. Our queen is going to her little house in Rio! Surrounded by love, near the sea. Rio is happy, it’s sunny and she is physically fit. There, we’ll do a lot of gymnastics, good walks and catch some sun on the beach. Bye, Sampa! See you soon! Hello, Rio de Janeiro! That hug! Today “my house” is itinerant. It’s on my mini break from work and wherever the queen is. Mocita Fagundes