Not very excited, people from Paulista seemed more like a zap uncle than a fascist battalion, despite the speech – 07/09/2021 – Power

In the car stereo, Jair Bolsonaro committed a few more crimes of responsibility in a speech not unlike the one we’ve been hearing for well over a year and a half.

Yes, he called the Supreme Ministers of scoundrels and said he would ignore their decisions, an easy reason for impeachment proceedings tomorrow. On the floor of Avenida Paulista, the animation was not very great.

Most notable was the amount of posters and banners written in a semblance of English, perhaps half of them, apart from a few in Italian and Spanish. Again, they asked for the removal of the ministers of the Supreme Court, they said “Fora Xandão”, “F. the Supreme”, “I voted for the president, not the STF” or demanded a “military constitutional court”.

They said “We want an STF that complies with our Constitution. SOS Armed Forces” (in English), “Federal Taliban Supreme”, “11 communist judges”, “Bolsonaro, call the Armed Forces to eradicate communism from Brazil” etc.

It was possible to buy ready-made posters for R$10, flags for R$5, t-shirts “7 de Setembro com Bolsonaro” for R$30 and banners for R$2, on the card or on the Pix. People who came in entourages from the interior wore T-shirts: “Itupeva”, “Boituva”, “Atibaia”, “Botucatu” etc.

The public did not seem to be militant, as it does not usually appear in the Pocketnarist demonstrations in São Paulo. There were a lot of families looking a bit tired, people without the appearance of politically committed people, at best looking like “uncles of the zap”, usually in their 40s or more.

Physically, they didn’t look like the phalanxes of a Mussolian March on São Paulo, not even remotely, although the motorcycles do. In addition to the words on the posters, the atmosphere was very peaceful, a Sunday in the fascistoid park, full of police, as was the case in almost the entire city.

The sound car people were scary, yes, but their slogans, as well as Bolsonaro’s speech, did not elicit more than collective cries of “myth”, “I authorize” and “the people are supreme”, which they lasted a short time.

About 60 meters from Bolsonaro’s car, the speech could no longer be heard, that illiterate asymptatic muddle, to make matters worse. In at least two cars there were women in headdresses. Beside them, unknown people said that they had been imprisoned for a year, for being “conservatives”. The STF’s attack on “freedom” set the tone for a lot of talk.

People who were in Paulista reacted a bit like the people of live audience shows in a day or moment of weak attractions, despite the excitement at the time of the arrival of the “myth”. The day was similar to other “protests” by the “protests” of the “protests” in Paulista, in short — the difference was the stage of Bolsonaro’s coup program.

It was an afternoon far less lively and far less crowded than the demonstrations demanding the head of Dilma Rousseff. On this 7th of September, the “egg head” of Alexandre de Moraes, minister of the Supreme Court, the central object of the protests, was requested.

People didn’t seem poor, not even from a distance, because the poor of São Paulo live far away — most were expelled to the periphery decades ago and barely have enough money to travel to the central region to work, let alone miss the day. day off.

The public seemed to be the usual people who walk around Paulista, through its subways, through Ibirapuera Park on crowded Sundays or who filled the national boarding halls at Guarulhos airport in the better PT years.

Even fewer had the face of rich people, who wouldn’t miss a holiday at the beach, at the farm or at the club to pick up Covid in a Paulista with a lot of dirt on the ground, even more so with the difficulty of parking, a serious impediment.

Yes, most protesters did not wear masks. Even though the oleometer makes bad statistics, several times I counted 100 people who crossed my path. At least two out of three wore no mask, at the very least.”