OAB, STF ministers and politicians criticize Bolsonaro for inciting population into anti-democratic acts | National Newspaper

The Brazilian Bar Association, Supreme Court ministers and politicians from various parties criticized President Bolsonaro’s stance by inciting the population to undemocratic acts.

The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, of Democrats, without citing the demonstrations, used a social network to affirm that “while Independence Day is celebrated, a strong expression of national freedom, let us not fail to understand our most evident dependence on something that should unite Brazil: the absolute defense of the Democratic State of Law.”

The president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, from Progressistas, spent the day in Maceió, from where he followed Bolsonaro’s speeches. And decided to return to Brasília this Tuesday (7) to meet with leaders and authorities. He wants to know how they assessed Bolsonaro’s statements.

President of the MDB, deputy Baleia Rossi said that attacks on any of the constituted powers are unacceptable. “We cannot turn a blind eye to those who affront the Constitution. And she herself has the remedies against such attacks.”

Also on a social network, Roberto Freire, president of Cidadania, stated that there is no possible agreement with a coup plotter. That Bolsonaro attacked the STF and electronic voting machines.

President of the PSDB, Deputy Bruno Araújo called an extraordinary meeting to, in light of the very serious statements made by the President of the Republic this Tuesday (7), discuss the party’s position on the opening of impeachment and possible legal measures.

Same tone as the governor of São Paulo, João Doria, of the PSDB, who defended the impeachment of Bolsonaro: “He clearly affronts the Constitution. He challenges democracy and blocks the Brazilian Supreme Court”.

For the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, of the PSDB, “inflation, unemployment, energy blackout, Amazon deforestation, pandemic… These should be the enemies of the president of Brazil, and not other Brazilians. But Bolsonaro is wrong: our colors and our country have no owner. We will defend Brazilians and the democracy they attack.”

The governor of Ceará, Camilo Santana, from the PT, stated that “these Coup-like threats try to demonstrate strength, but on the contrary, they only reveal the weakness and imbalance of those who make them. They show contempt for the laws and the Constitution. They try to cause chaos to take the focus off the country’s real problems and the total inability to solve them.”

Flávio Dino, from the PSD, governor of Maranhão, said that “the last time a President of the Republic decided to ‘frame’ and place Supreme Ministers in the ‘axes’ was on January 16, 1969, under the AI-5 dictatorship, with the removal of Hermes Lima, Victor Nunes Leal and Evandro Lins e Silva.”

Opposition leader in the Senate, Randolfe Rodrigues, from Rede, published: “We will overcome this time, unfortunate page of our history! The true patriot pities his countrymen. He pities when his compatriot feels hungry, he gets sick. The Brazilian people are diversity, not disunity. Despite them, tomorrow will be another day!

Senator Simone Tebet, from the MDB, said that “response to the president’s cry today, filled with insinuations, threats and constant actions against the democratic order and public liberties: National Congress is vigilant and has a constitutional instrument to contain any attempt to backtrack.”

The leader of Citizenship in the Senate, Alessandro Vieira, said that “the law defines the crimes of responsibility of the president. Is that, when not complying with court decisions, the penalty is loss of office (impechment) and political rights for up to five years.

Senator Humberto Costa, from the PT, said that Bolsonaro is isolated. According to him, “anyone who thinks that Bolsonaro showed a show of force is totally mistaken. It is isolated from the population, the international community, the economic elites, the media, the middle classes. It won’t deliver the blow you want, as it will have resistance.”

Minister Alexande de Moraes, of the Supreme Court, was one of the main targets of criticism from President Jair Bolsonaro and his supporters. He posted a message on a social network without citing the act.

“On this 7th of September, we commemorate our Independence, which guaranteed our freedom and which is only strengthened with absolute respect for democracy.”

Minister Luis Roberto Barroso, president of the Superior Electoral Court, and who has been criticized by Bolsonaro, also spoke. But soon, before the event in Brasília. “Free, clean and safe elections. The love of Brazil and democracy unites us, without going back to the past.

Supreme Court justices met for an hour to discuss Tuesday’s acts. In note, the STF informed that on Wednesday (8), at the opening of the session, President Luiz Lux will pronounce on the acts on behalf of the Court.

The vice president of the Chamber, Marcelo Ramos, from PL, commented on the call for the Council meeting.

“It’s good that he convenes, because if he convenes any proposal with an authoritarian bias, outside the framework of the Constitution, it will be overturned by the composition of the Council of the Republic. Come on, President, convene the Council of the Republic and wait and respect the decision it will take.”

For the president of the Brazilian Bar Association, Felipe Santa Cruz, “the historic moment has arrived for the presidents of the Chamber and the Senate to take a stand. Society expects a firm attitude in defense of the threatened democracy.”