Off the air, Fernanda Gentil has no break on the weekend and records program tests · TV News

Globo took advantage of the September 7 holiday to advance the work of Zig Zag Arena, Fernanda Gentil’s new show on Sundays, which starts airing next October. The network has already finished its scenario and presented it to the attraction’s cast on Monday (6). On Tuesday (7), light and camera tests were done with everyone.

According to the TV news, Globo told the team that it prepared the biggest square meter scenario in Entertainment in recent years. Work will continue throughout the week. In planning, the first recordings start from the 20th. The idea is to record all editions by the end of this year.

The Zig Zag Arena will feature the presence of Everaldo Marques, Hortência and Marco Luque. They will comment and narrate the evidence of the game show, which will take place at 2:15 pm, right after the Maximum Temperature and before the football broadcasts. The premiere is scheduled for October 3rd.

Inspired by the arcades of the 1980s, the show’s setting will mimic a pinball. In the dynamics, two teams will face each Sunday in three phases, named Pique-Pega, Mega Ball and Tudo ou Nada. Disputes will also be monitored by professional judges. The idea is to give the format a youthful appeal.

Marques will be the narrator of the disputes, while Hortência and Luque will comment the bids of the matches, in a similar way to what happens in sports competitions.

Globo’s intention with the new game show is to keep The Voice Kids’ audience captive and try to hook those who change channels to watch the genre formats presented by Celso Portiolli on Domingo Legal, on SBT.

The attraction’s first season will run for 18 Sundays — between October 3, 2021 and January 30, 2022.