Pará city hall prohibits the sale of fish indefinitely

The Juruti City Hall, in Pará, has for an indefinite period prohibited the consumption and sale of fish species pirapitinga, pacu and tambaqui, caught in rivers and lakes in the Amazon, including those raised in captivity. According to a statement from the Municipal Health Department, which took the decision through the coordination of Health and Sanitary Surveillance, the measure was adopted in order to prevent the spread of Haff Disease, known as “Black Urine Disease”.

Fish of other species and those from the Juruti fish farm are still released. The measure took effect on Tuesday (7), the same day that the death of a man was announced, in Santarém, on suspicion of ‘black urine disease’. Genivaldo Cardoso de Azevedo, 55, was admitted to the Santarém Municipal Hospital with symptoms compatible with the disease, which is caused by a toxin found in certain fish, causing damage to the muscles and kidneys.

The State Department of Health was notified by the Center for Epidemiology of the Hospital de Santarém about the case, a local epidemiological surveillance team, with support from the Strategic Health Surveillance Information Center (CIEVS), is already investigating to confirm or rule out the suspicion .

(Alyne Cid)

In Amazonas, 44 cases call the attention of health control agencies, after residents present “black urine”, as Haff’s disease is known.

The Liberal Group tries to contact the Juruti City Hall.