Pedestrians must return cell phones within 24 hours

The fight for cell phones and internet devices during the confinement of The Farm 13 it’s not over yet. After protests, pedestrians were able to take the devices to the confinement that began on September 3 (Friday), but they had this privilege for a short time.

According to Leo Dias, from the Metropolis website, everyone must deliver their devices by Wednesday (8). And this time they won’t go back! The initial complaint of the confined is that they needed to fulfill contracts and had to produce content even in the hotel.


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This period given by the production of the reality was for everyone to catch up on their work. But as the debut approaches, they must stay away from any contact with the outside world. And this rule applies to the 20 pedestrians who will enter the farm on the opening day, both for those chosen for the Paiol and the reserves.

The Farm 13 will start on September 14th, with a presentation by Adriane Galisteu. Some details will be revealed during a press conference on September 9th., in the program Hoje em Dia, which will have the presence of Rodrigo Carelli and Galisteu.

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