Peru asks Brazil for anti-covid guarantees to play for the qualifiers

(Photo: FPF/Twitter)

Peru asked the Brazilian authorities for sanitary guarantees so that the players of its team do not run the risk of contagion from COVID-19 for Thursday’s game for the South American Qualifiers for the Qatar-2022 World Cup. The information was released by the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF).

“The board has expressed concern about having guarantees. That there is no problem in terms of risk because there are people who came out of the (health) bubble in the Brazilian delegation and have to take the appropriate measures (to avoid contagion),” said the FPF team manager, Antonio Garca Pye radio RPP.

“What happened with the (game) Brazil and Argentina took place in circumstances different from those that may exist with us,” Garca said after confirming that he is continuing to talk with Brazilian authorities about the match.

The Brazil-Argentina super classic was suspended on Sunday due to the entry into the field of Neo Qumica Arena by Brazilian health agents who tried to deport four players from ‘Albiceleste’ who play in England, a country that is among those vetoed by Brazil for the entry of its citizens or residents due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am in permanent communication with them. The logical and usual thing is that the local teams give all the facilities to the visitors so that things can develop well,” he added.

Peru does not have any players from its national team playing in England. Garca Pye dismissed the relocation of the match as “impossible to carry out logistically”.

The FPF confirmed that the Peruvian delegation will arrive in Recife on Tuesday night and train at Sport’s Ilha do Retiro on Wednesday and Thursday morning. The Peruvian team will not recognize the Arena Pernambuco lawn.