Former Thumb Rafael Ilha has raised suspicions about the true cause of Gugu Liberato’s death. Ilha stated that he knows what actually happened, and assured that it was not an accident at his home in the United States. In 2019, the presenter’s press office reported that the artist had suffered a fall while making a repair to the air conditioning in the attic of his home in Orlando.

(Photo: Disclosure)

To the Inteligência Ltda. channel, on YouTube, Ilha said that he misses Gugu a lot. He gave details about how he learned of the presenter’s death.

“I miss him so much. [A morte] It was something no one expected. I was recording Family Exchange when it happened [a notícia da morte] and I didn’t believe it. I still don’t believe it today. Sincerely. I was washing the dishes at the time and heard William Bonner speak on Jornal Nacional”, he recalled.

Ilha stated that Gugu was not in the habit of taking care of household details and, therefore, he does not believe the version that the presenter fell while fixing something himself.

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