Randolfe presents news-crime against Bolsonaro for acts of 7/9

Senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP) filed a criminal report against President Jair Bolsonaro in the Federal Supreme Court so that he could be investigated for threatening to breach the decisions of Minister Alexandre de Moraes and attacking the functioning of the Judiciary.

Randolfe wants an investigation from Bolsonaro.Moreira Mariz/Senate Agency

The senator’s representation is a consequence of the acts sponsored by Bolsonaro and his followers on September 7, in Brasília and São Paulo, when the president attacked, in addition to Minister Alexandre, Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). ), and resorted to his known bravado to threaten the judiciary.

The congressman wants the Attorney General’s Office to be summoned to file a complaint against the President of the Republic for the commission of crimes against the constitutional order, the Democratic State of Law and the separation of Powers, as provided for in the Federal Constitution , especially “the opening of an inquiry against Bolsonaro, for its serious threat to the free functioning of the Judiciary and for the use of public resources to finance undemocratic acts, in the form of the (still in force) National Security Law”.

It also requires investigation into the financing of the acts of the 7th and also the use of the state machinery to support them, such as the use of Presidential aircraft and officials at Bolsonaro’s disposal.

“Threats against the Judiciary, notably against the TSE and the STF, in the persons of Justices Alexandre de Moraes and Luís Roberto Barroso, are unacceptable and only confirm, once again, that Mr. Jair Bolsonaro does not intend to pacify the relationship with the others Powers of the Republic and, as is already drawing for 2022, to accept its defeat and peacefully transmit the position that it occupies”, affirms the senator.

When requesting an investigation into the financing of the two acts carried out in Brasília and São Paulo, Randolfe Rodrigues says that several videos show demonstrators in uniform and receiving R$100.00 bills to go to the protests. One of the companies mentioned in the images, according to him, is Máquinas Agrícolas Jacto SA

Furthermore, according to the crime news, the person recording the video explicitly mentions that the Nishimura family, founder of Jacto, is sponsoring that act. “Thus, it is important to investigate the origin of the resources distributed to the protesters, the hiring of buses and T-shirts and other materials used in the attack on the Judiciary and on Brazilian democracy itself,” says the senator.

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