Renata Fan poses in a bikini and sports a sculptural body

Renata Fan moved social networks this Tuesday (7) by sharing a beautiful bikini click on her Instagram. In the record, the presenter appears in full oozing beauty and her great physical shape at 44 years old.

“Is it a holiday that people talk about?! So let’s celebrate Fatherland Day with freedom, body, mind and Happiness from the top of my 44 years! Proud to be able to post and accept me so well with maturity that makes me feel good and is good! Souvenir from Trancoso-Bahia!”, wrote Renata in the caption of the publication.

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On the social network, the blonde’s post was very successful and already has more than 250 thousand likes. Also, she was surrounded by countless compliments and affectionate messages left by their fans, friends and admirers. “Wonderful”, “Beautiful”, “What a heart”, “I’m a big fan, an excellent professional and a wonderful woman”, were some reactions.

Renata Fan (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

44 years of great beauty

In July this year, Renata Fan turned 44 and celebrated her new age on her Instagram. On the occasion, she shared a video in which appears all full and stylish walking in the midst of nature. In the caption, she thanked her for another birthday.

“Good Morning! My birthday has arrived! Ideal moment to thank you for having gone through another year with overcoming, goals achieved and others in progress, I had victories, draws and defeats like in football, but the competition is not over yet!”, she began.

“Today, I just want to thank those who help me, encourage and value my learning in life! Inter’s cheers, laughs and victories is what I would ask for, but I won’t ask, just thank you for evolving and celebrating 44 years of a dazzling, challenging and rewarding journey! I remain strengthened, grateful and full of expectations for what I will still live and reap! THANKS!”, wrote the muse.

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