Rger Guedes scores on his debut and avoids Corinthians’ defeat against Juventude at the Brazilian Nationals

This Tuesday, Corinthians hosted Juventude, for the 19th round of the Brazilian Championship, and was only tied by 1 to 1. The goals of the match were scored by Róger Guedes and Ricardo Bueno.

The game started with Juventude better, scaring Cassio on three occasions in the first 15 minutes. Shortly after, Corinthians reached the attack with good plays by Róger Guedes. With difficulties to fit the marking, the hosts saw the opponent open the scoring with Ricardo Bueno, in the 31st minute.

The second half wasn’t much different. With many technical errors, the game was even more favorable for Juventude. After many mistakes in Corinthians’ decisions, the team reached a tie in the 40th minute with a great goal from Róger Guedes, who made his first game for Timão.

With the tie, Sylvinho’s team reached 28 points at the end of the first round and remains in sixth place in the Brasileirão. Timão hasn’t lost for five games, having won three and drawn two others.

Write it down, Faithful! – Corinthians’ next match is next Saturday, at 6:15 pm, against Atlético Goianiense, at Estádio Antônio Accioly.


Coach Sylvinho had the absences of Adson and Willian, but his squad included Róger Guedes and Renato Augusto among the starters. Therefore, Corinthians went to the field with: Cassius; Fagner, Gil, João Victor and Fábio Santos; Gabriel, Renato Augusto and Giuliano; Mosquito, Roger Guedes and Jô.Corinthians scheduled to face Youth

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Juventude, in turn, started the match with Carné, P. Henrique, Mendes, Quintero, Matheus, Jadson, Castilho, Dawhan, Wagner, Paulinho and Ricardo Bueno.

The game

First time

Despite the expectations created by the fans, Corinthians’ first half was bad. In the first five minutes, the Juventude team managed to get to the attack, with ease, on two occasions with Ricardo Bueno.

After getting scared in the match, Corinthians entered the game. On minute eight, Fagner crossed, Róger Guedes dominated and rolled to Renato Augusto, who kicked in a placed way, scaring Carné.

Juventude took advantage of the spaces given by Corinthians and once again scared Cássio, who made a beautiful save after a strong kick by Castilho. Sylvinho’s team found it very difficult to exchange passes and couldn’t make offensive plays.

Debutant, Róger Guedes was responsible for the two most dangerous arrivals of Corinthians in the first half. On minute 21, shirt 123 kicked hard, but the ball went through Carne’s right side. In the next move, the forward applied a roll and crossed in a dangerous way, but Juventude’s goalkeeper cut before the ball found Jô.

Still comfortable with the ball in the game, Juventude continued to attack Corinthians with Ricardo Bueno. On minute 28, shirt 9 kicked hard, the ball swerved and Cássio managed to make the save. Three minutes later, however, the forward managed to beat the Corinthians goalkeeper with a nice header to open the scoring.

With the disadvantage, Corinthians continued with the difficulties of creating offensive plays. The team only got the submission after 40 minutes, when Renato Augusto stole the ball and kicked hard, but goalkeeper Carné made a calm defense.

The first half ended 1-0 for Juventude, but it could have been more. On minute 46, Paulinho Bóia made an individual play and had a great chance to increase the score, but he advanced the ball too far and Cássio made a calm defense.

Second time

Even after a bad first half, Corinthians returned with the same team for the second stage. The Southern team, even with the advantage on the scoreboard, started by pressing Sylvinho’s team with a very high markup.

The first arrival was from visitors. With great intensity, Juventude easily steal the ball from Corinthians and, thus, came attack. After just three minutes, Ricardo Bueno had the opportunity to increase the score, but he finished it off.

In the opening 15 minutes, the game repeated the first half. Youth with a lot of intensity and Corinthians continuing with difficulties in leaving the ball, with many individual mistakes and decisions. At 16, Gil committed a foul and took the third yellow card that took him out of the game against Atlético Goianiense, on Sunday.

Sylvinho moved for the first time after 20 minutes of play. The coach threw Luan in the place of Renato Augusto, who played a game below expectations. Even with the change, Juventude continued with the same compaction and making Corinthians’ game difficult.

Timão went on the attack twice with Gustavo Mosquito, who missed the cross in both plays. Soon after, at 29, Castilho took a closed corner kick and forced Cassio to make a save.

With 30 minutes into the game, Sylvinho made one more change: Gabriel Pereira was replaced by Gustavo Mosquito. The change quickly paid off, as Fagner went down the right side, crossed to Jô and the 77 shirt headed with danger. Rehearsing pressure, Corinthians arrived once again with Róger Guedes, who kicked crosswise and saw the ball being deflected to corner.

After many mistakes, Corinthians reached a masterly draw. In a free-kick at the corner of the area, Róger Guedes hit straight and tied the game at Neo Química Arena.

With the even score, the match became more open and indefinite. Both teams tried to score the winning goal and it was Juventude that came closest to that, as they submitted a ball on the crossbar.

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