Rio has highest moving average of covid-19 deaths since June – News

On Monday (6), the state of Rio de Janeiro reached the highest moving average of deaths by covid-19 since June 26, according to data panel Monitora Covid-19, from Fiocruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation). The state had 142 deaths a day in the last seven days, a level that represents an increase of 33% compared to 14 days ago.

In the capital of Rio de Janeiro, the number of cases also rose about 30% compared to 14 days ago. The city of Rio de Janeiro yesterday registered a moving average of about 68 deaths per day in the last seven days.

Foundation researchers have warned that the state is heading in the opposite direction to the country, which has a drop in deaths and is in the lowest moving average of victims since last year. The capital of Rio de Janeiro is considered the epicenter of the Delta variant, which has already become dominant in relation to other strains of SARS-CoV-2.

Fiocruz’s Covid-19 Observatory highlighted in its last bulletin that it considers that the state of Rio de Janeiro is the most concerned in relation to the occupancy rate of intensive care beds for covid-19, with the metropolitan region of the capital showing percentages Occupation critics: Rio de Janeiro (96%) – Belford Roxo (100%), Duque de Caxias (94%), Guapimirim (90%), Nova Iguaçu (85%), Queimados (78%) and São João do Meriti (83%).