RS Governor Eduardo Leite says it’s a mistake to keep Bolsonaro in power | Rio Grande do Sul

O governador do RS, Eduardo Leite (PSDB), afirmou nesta terça-feira (7), em postagem no Twitter, que é um “erro” manter Jair Bolsonaro (sem partido) na presidência.

“It was a mistake to put Bolsonaro in power. It is increasingly clear that it is a mistake to keep him there,” wrote the governor, who is one of the candidates in his party’s caucuses for the 2022 presidential election.

‘Erro colocar Bolsonaro no poder’, afirma Eduardo Leite — Foto: Reprodução/Twitter

In the post, the governor said that “inflation, unemployment, energy blackouts, deforestation in the Amazon, pandemics” should be the president’s enemies, and not other Brazilians.

“But Bolsonaro is wrong: our colors and our country have no owner. We will defend the Brazilians and the democracy he attacks,” he says.

Eduardo Leite critica Jair Bolsonaro em postagem — Foto: Reprodução/Twitter

The official profile of the state government shared on its social networks a banner alluding to September 7 and the phrase “The true patriot is the one who defends our democracy and the Brazilian Constitution!”.

In the 2018 elections, the coalition that Eduardo Leite was part of declared support for Bolsonaro’s candidacy.

Also on Tuesday (7), the governor of São Paulo, João Doria, stated that he is in favor of the president’s impeachment. Doria is also expected to run for the party’s presidential caucuses.

On this holiday, cities in Brazil registered protests against and in favor of the federal government. In RS, most of the acts took place, despite the rain.