Safadão confesses that he betrayed Thyane Dantas after the birth of his 1st daughter

The proposal that wants to create a Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) to investigate possible assistance from public officials to people who “would have jumped the line” for vaccination in Fortaleza is being held up in the City Council. Almost a month after the beginning of the articulations, the opposition gathered only ten of the 15 signatures necessary for the installation of the group.

The difficulty occurs above all because only the center-right and right-wing opposition, more linked to the group of deputy Captain Wagner (Pros) and to the Pocketnarism, embraced the proposal. Left opposition councilors, including three PT and two Psol congressmen, did not sign councilor Julierme Sena’s (Pros) request.

According to opposition leader Márcio Martins (Pros), the “trigger” for the action was the case involving Thyane Dantas, wife of singer Wesley Safadão, who was vaccinated in July even though she was not included in the City’s vaccination system. The Public Ministry of Ceará (MP-CE) and the Health Secretariat of Fortaleza opened investigations into the case.

Interestingly, however, the proposal was supported by two members of the base allied with Mayor José Sarto (PDT), Nurse Ana Paula (PDT) and Marcelo Lemos (PSL). Councilor Jorge Pinheiro (PSDB), who claims to be independent even with the PSDB’s participation in the pedetista administration, also signed the opposition’s CPI request.

Other names elected by the opposition, such as Ronaldo Martins (Republicans) and Bruno Mesquita (Pros), have not yet signed the proposal. In recent months, the two have avoided getting into conflict with the Sarto administration in parliament. Next Wednesday, Julierme Sena will meet with Ronaldo Martins to try to convince him to join the initiative.

“We had already made some pronouncements demanding more transparency in this queuing issue. Some of the councilors had even made requests (on the issue of “sticking”)”, says Márcio Martins. “But then the case of Thyane sharpened, it certainly showed how easy it is to have this. And there is nowhere, in Brazil or in the world, that queues are cut without the contribution of public agents”, he says.

So far, however, the opposition still needs five signatures to set up the group. In a conversation with O PEVO, Julierme Sena highlights that she still makes articulations with an eye on making the group’s installation viable. The talks are mainly aimed at the group of opposition parliamentarians from the left with PT and Psol.

Deputy government leader in the Chamber, councilor Léo Couto (PSB) has already downplayed the need to install the CPI, noting that possible cases of “leapfrog” are already being investigated by the MP-CE and by the City Hall itself. “What I can’t admit is that some councilors are wanting to create a political platform to grow on top of that,” he says.

“Next year is an election year, and what is being done is creating an early campaign situation. And I think this is not the time for that, especially for a subject that is so important to the population, that so many people are losing their lives”, he says. “This possible situation of skip-line is already being investigated by Organs competent bodies”.

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