September 11: The 2 Scientific Causes for Falling World Trade Center Towers

  • Carlos Serrano – @carliserrano
  • BBC News World

Twin Towers

Credit, getty

On September 11, 2001, two Boeing 767 planes collided with the Twin Towers, which at 110 stories were the tallest buildings in New York.

The first plane hit the North Tower at 8:45 am. The building caught fire for 102 minutes and then, at 10:28 am, it collapsed, collapsing in just 11 seconds.

Eighteen minutes after the first accident, at 9:03 am, the second plane hit the South Tower. The skyscraper resisted the flames for 56 minutes, and then, at 9:59 am, collapsed in 9 seconds.

“After the incredible noise of the building collapsing, in a few seconds everything was darker than night, with no sound, and I couldn’t breathe,” recalls Bruno Dellinger, a survivor who worked on the 47th floor of the North Tower.