She expects to earn R$ 10 million in 12 months with the menstrual collector brand – 08/09/2021

Graduated in biotechnology, Elisa Machado, 32, from Santa Catarina, has always had an entrepreneurial streak and a passion for sports. After almost 10 years working with imports, I no longer felt my heart beat faster for what I was doing. Then, he started to think about other alternatives and work challenges.

Between one idea and another, she was getting ready to take a triathlon race. “During training, it always came to my mind: what if I get my period on the day of the test?”, he says. It was then that the two passions came together. She started thinking about the situation and analyzing the market and what existed to help her have more security in the championships. Thus, in 2020, Yuper’s journey began, a brand of collections and menstrual discs 100% recyclable, which raises the banner of the menstrual care movement, in other words, the self-care of women during their menstrual period.

There are already 10 million people impacted by Yuper’s content, which projects revenues of R$ 10 million in the next 12 months.

Also known as a menstrual cup, the collector is an alternative to common sanitary pads. “I saw that some brands were already reselling collectors in Brazil, but I went deeper into this market. In 2015, the use of alternative solutions for menstruation was 1% and, in the last six years, it was only 5%. I saw one there. possibility of business,” says Elisa. FOR

o reach the ideal product, she tested an accessory already available on the market and went to understand the great pains in relation to what was already on the shelves of the establishments. To do this, she and her team interviewed dozens of women. “We were able to identify some specific points and design our collector based on that”, he says.

The accessory has grooves on the base that help in fixing and handling, more malleable ends and a flexible “toothpick” at the tip, to avoid discomfort when the woman stands or sits and, of course, moves as in triathlon competitions, for example . The company had its own capital and a Family&Friends investment, totaling 1.5 million reais upfront. After structuring the company, developing the product and launching it, in June this year, the company’s e-commerce also arrived.

The biggest challenge: information
With the inauguration of the brand, a challenge also came: limiting the knowledge of many women. “We do not sell menstrual collectors, we deliver knowledge. This is our great mission. We want women to know that there are alternative solutions on the market. If she has all this information and still does not opt ​​for the collector, she will continue to be part of Yuper and receive our contents”, emphasizes Elisa.

To share this knowledge, the company has a blog and its own application. In it, 30 health professionals produce content monthly. “We launched the first app in the world that controls the use of the collector, notifying you at the time of exchange, for example. In it, there is still a lot of content about the accessory, use and also about the female universe in general. We do not focus only on blood” , says the entrepreneur.

Psychologists, gynecologists, personal trainers and other professionals share tips on exercise, menstrual hygiene, healthy habits and other topics to help women during this period. “Today, about 55% of women have a bad relationship with menstruation. Most menstruate for five to seven days. Why does this have to be something bad? On the contrary, it must be a good period”, emphasizes Elisa.

Menstruating without taboos
To take its mission even further, the company entered into its first partnership, with Menstruando sem Tabus, an institution that works to combat menstrual poverty. “We are going to contribute by donating collectors, in addition to taking information to these women”, says Elisa. The goal is to increasingly spread the information that there are alternatives that go beyond common sanitary pads.

In addition, Yuper created a program that rewards health professionals and specialists for every purchase made through the referral and discount coupon.

“They receive a commission for every purchase made by a referral. This amount can be withdrawn in cash, Yuper products or can be donated to institutions — which is the option chosen by most. It was a way we thought to direct this value to those who need it,” he explains.

just the beginning
The entrepreneur’s plans are ambitious. In addition to reaching even more women with content and seeing revenues of R$ 10 million in the next 12 months, she wants to impact even more people and institutions to spread the company’s purpose.

Elisa believes that Yuper’s pillars of success involve delivering a quality product, a genuine purpose and, above all, love for what they do. The journey, however, is still a long one. As an amateur athlete, Elisa takes the lessons of competitions into the life of a businesswoman.

“Sport has taught me a lot. I would summarize the two experiences in: focus, discipline and resilience. You need to be focused and know where you want to go; discipline to take the idea forward; and resilience, because there is no company that only lives at the top “, ends.