Silvio Santos asks, and SBT shows Jair Bolsonaro’s speech in full on TV news · TV News

This Tuesday (7) SBT Brasil dedicated 20 minutes of its time to display in full the speech made by Jair Bolsonaro during the events of September 7 in São Paulo. O TV news he found that the complete broadcast was a request by Silvio Santos himself, who has already stated that he is in favor of the president several times.

Interestingly, at the time Bolsonaro was speaking on Avenida Paulista this afternoon, SBT tried to broadcast the government’s speech live during the Fofocalizador, with a signal borrowed from CNN Brasil.

But just as the president started addressing his followers, the video started to lock up, and Chris Flores’ show crew was forced to take the speech off the air and return to the stage of the attraction — the show is back. to the usual gossip, discussing the alleged involvement of Jade Picon and Neymar.

No Twitter, opositores do governo lamentaram o espaço que foi destinado à fala de Bolsonaro. “The face of disappointment on the part of #SBTBrasil presenters, after the newspaper showed Bolsonaro’s speech in its entirety, was clear. I can imagine how difficult it is for SBT journalists, now more than ever!”, reacted the internet user identified as Luciano .

“SBT definitely became the Bolsonaro Television System. It became Bolsonaro’s Ascom (communications office)”, commented another microblog user identified as André. “The Jornal do SBT broadcast Bolsonaro’s entire speech. There is no longer any doubt that it has become a channel for the president,” completed internet user Luiz.

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