Silvio Santos sends a TV newscast to show Bolsonaro’s speech in full

This Tuesday night (7/9), Silvio Santos ordered the TV news program SBT Brasil to broadcast Jair Bolsonaro’s speech in its entirety during the September 7 event, held in São Paulo. The information is from the TV News website.

The station even made an attempt to show the president’s speech live during the program Fofocalizador, while pocketnaristas expressed their support for Bolsonaro on Avenida Paulista. However, the signal lent by CNN Brasil had flaws and stalled when the government official started to address his supporters.

With that, the program team was forced to take the broadcast off the air and return to their usual schedule, reporting the hottest gossip of the moment. But the station didn’t give up on airing the president’s speech, and hours later devoted about 20 minutes of the evening paper to Bolsonaro’s speech on the spot.


On social networks, opponents of the Bolsonaro government criticized the space given to the president’s speech during the television news. “What a horror, where’s the news? It became a kind of platform for extremist political discourse”, commented one netizen. “SBT definitely became the Bolsonaro Television System. Virou ASCOM do Bolsonaro”, disse uma usuária do Twitter.

Others accused the station of trying to favor the current president. “The SBT newspaper ran all of Bolsonaro’s speech. There is no longer any doubt that it has become a channel for the President”, said an internet user identified as Luiz.