Singer Akon’s cryptocurrency city did not come out of the picture

A lot of promise was made by singer Akon about a town in Senegal, which would be the first in the world fully linked to the cryptocurrency market.

This idea filled the local population with hope, as technology and the new financial means would lead innovation and employment for a region — who has no access to the services envisioned by Akon.

Of Senegalese origin, the singer even announced the project for a cryptocurrency with his name, the AKoin, whose objective was to bring hope to Africa, a continent devastated by civil wars and great social inequality.

In 2020, Akon even said that he would create a futuristic city which would be the “Wakanda” of the future. But, despite having a business license, the project has not yet come off the ground.

Cantor Akon commented on the project for a city with cryptocurrencies and disappeared, says Senegalese population

According to the AfricaNews website, after obtaining the business license, singer Akon even opened his city, placing a ground zero stone in the place where he planned to build skyscrapers.

Many people were already planning, then, to start working on the project, as it would generate employment and income for the local population. However, the forest has already taken over the installed foundation stone and, ironically, it has even seen a poster stuck on the rock after the project was abandoned.

Was the visionary project just a dream?

A tourism worker in the region said the project was launched with many promises, but almost nothing has been done at the site yet, even after a long time after the announcement.

The so-called Akon City would have a Wakanda-inspired project, immersed in the Marvel comic universe, being a beacon of innovation in the African territory.

The town named after the singer Akon still would be the first on the continent to work only with cryptocurrencies, something that attracted the attention of cryptomarket investors to the promising scenario.

Even so, after its supposed inauguration, on August 31, 2020, nothing has come out of the paper until today, leaving the local population dismayed.

More than US$4 billion was raised to build the project

the budget of the Senegal throughout the entire year of 2020 it was $7.5 billion. With an estimated population of 16 million people, 40% live below the poverty line, according to the World Bank.

However, the singer’s project for his fantastical, modern city would already have raised $4 billion — that is, more than half of the country’s entire budget for a year. The main investor in the idea was – and is – a Kenyan businessman, as stated in the story that covered the case.

With several people in the region disillusioned, the AFP team tried to contact Akon and his communications advisers, but failed to get an answer about the case.

Even so, one of those responsible for the construction of the city stated that the works should start in october, after the completion of another similar work that is underway in Kenya.

In this way, Senegalese are following the case closely. After all, some still have hope of getting a better life in this city.