singer’s father asks for end of guardianship after 13 years

Britney Spears’ 39-year-old father filed a request to end her daughter’s guardianship on Tuesday, after more than 13 years in control of the singer’s life. According to the American TV network NBC News, Jamie Spears has filed a petition with the Los Angeles Superior Court and the tutoring is expected to officially end soon.

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Jamie Spears has been tutored by Britney for over 13 years

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In the document, according to NBC, Jamie told the judge in charge of the case that his child “has the right for the court to consider whether guardianship is no longer necessary.” In the text, he also stated that “circumstances have changed a lot since the beginning of the agreement” and that Britney may no longer need her father’s control over her life.

The guardianship helped Britney overcome a major life crisis, rehabilitate and advance her career, and put her finances and business in order. But recently things have changed” Jamie Spears, on petition, according to NBC News

Another point highlighted by NBC in the document delivered by Jamie Spears concerns the psychological assessment that Britney would have to make to break the agreement. In the petition, the singer’s father says that, according to the inventory, she does not need to be submitted to a new process of the kind for the closure of the guard.

“Mrs. Spears now speaks openly of her frustration with the level of control imposed by a guardianship and begged this Court to ‘let her have her life back,'” Britney’s father says in the petition. The court has until Sept. 29 to make a decision on Jamie’s claim.

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Supporters of the ‘Free Britney’ movement have protested around the world over the past two years

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Over the past two years, Britney has tried several times, unsuccessfully, to end the guardianship. In a court statement in Los Angeles, the singer said her father’s control “ruined her life.” Recently, the case has moved forward after yet another request, this time carried out by her new defense team.

The petition filed by Jamie Spears is a victory for the #FreeBritney movement, led by fans of the singer. Two years ago, after allegations of psychological abuse and power were revealed, people from around the world organized to draw attention to the singer’s situation. Jamie denies the charges.