Sport adviser says there is a ‘panelinha’ not to punish Gil – 08/09/2021

A group formed by members of Sport’s Ethics and Disciplinary Committee would be fighting the case of homophobia practiced by counselor Flávio Koury against economist GIlberto Nogueira, Gil do Vigor, participant of BBB 21. The accusation was made by also counselor Romero Albuquerque to UOL. He had already filed the original denunciation of the case.

In May, lawyer Flávio Koury uttered homophobic speeches against Gil, a supporter of Leão da Ilha do Retiro, after the economist’s visit to the leonine stadium. On the way, Gil posed for photos, gave an interview and did the famous choreography “tchaki tchaki”. According to Albuquerque, the notification to Koury’s lawyer about the case was made only on August 27, four months after the event.

“We even proposed, at the last board meeting, the removal of the members of the Ethics Committee because they were not meeting the deadline and had no interest in taking it forward. The legal provision was that the chairman of the committee changed the members of the committee. There is a clique there and they decided not to approve the request to change the commission that does not want to continue,” said Albuquerque.

The Ethics Committee formed to analyze the case of homophobia was appointed on June 8, almost a month after the event. The notification for Flavio Koury wasn’t sent until nearly four months after the indictment. Albuquerque stated that it was this delay that led to the request for removal from the members of the ethics committee mentioned by him. The agency had 30 days from the date of appointment, with the possibility of an extension for another 30 days, to assess the case.

“It is foreseen in the bylaws that, if they do not take a position within the stipulated period, the president has to dismiss the members of the commission and summon new members. But it was not done,” said Albuquerque.

After the deadlines, according to Albuquerque, the notification was approved and sent. Now, the Commission is awaiting Koury’s defense — it’s 15 days before it can manifest itself. Thereafter, the Ethics Committee will forward its opinion to the Deliberative Council. Also according to the complainant, the friendship of the Ethics Committee members with Flávio Koury suggests that the case will hardly result in a punishment.

When contacted, the president of the Board of Directors of the club, Pedro Leonardo Lacerda, informed that the committee is technical and is formed by lawyers and, according to Lacerda, it is up to them, as established by the statute and as members of the Ethics and Discipline Committee, to receive, process and evaluate the progress of any concrete situation that involves the case. “Neither the presidency of the Deliberative Council, nor the executive presidency nor the Board of Directors has hierarchy, management, management or interference in the Ethics and Discipline commission”, informed Lacerda.

Asked about the pressure made by members of the Deliberative Council, Silvio Neves Baptista, member of the Ethics Committee, informed the UOL that she does not impress or intimidate: “The Ethics Committee has given a 15-day deadline for the defense of counselor Flávio Koury and after that, with defense or not, the Committee will give its opinion.”

the case

In May, a homophobic audio was sent to UOL. The content was a message attributed to Flávio Koury, in which a man is disgusted with the economist’s choreography staged on Ilha do Retiro. “If he had done that little dance at his house or in the brothel, I wouldn’t have cared. It was inside the Ilha do Retiro, right boy? That’s demoralizing! That’s no shame in the face. That’s what we’re living. No. he has more respect for father and son. It’s depravity. This is the picture of what the PT left for us. That’s exactly it.”