Star of A Escuta is found dead at home

Michael K. Williams in The Listening (Reproduction)

Best known as Omar Little from the HBO series, the listening, Michael K. Williams was found dead in his New York apartment this Monday afternoon, September 6th.

As reported by the American newspaper The Post, local police suspect the actor’s cause of death is an overdose, as a substance was found on the apartment kitchen table that appears to be heroin.

As reported, Williams was found unconscious in the dining room of his luxurious apartment at around 2 pm by his nephew, who immediately called the police when he realized his uncle was no longer responding and was already cold.

Just 12 minutes after he was found, the star’s death was confirmed by authorities, who after making sure the apartment showed no signs of a break-in, declared the most likely cause was an overdose.

After police declared Williams dead, the death was confirmed by the actor’s agent, Marianna Shafran in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

“It is with profound sadness that the family announces the death of Emmy-nominated actor Michael Kenneth Williams. They ask for their privacy while suffering this insurmountable loss,” the note said.

drug problem

Michael K. Williams’ drug problems were no secret, the actor has been talking openly about his addiction for years., having even commented during the filming of the listening, that his role as someone who robbed drug dealers affected him in real life.

During an interview with American radio NPR in 2016, the star told about how he was looking for help to overcome his addiction in a church in New Jersey, where he was helped by a pastor who knew neither him nor his. series the listening.

“When I walked through those doors, it was broken. That was, I would say, around the third season of The Listening. I was drugged. I was in danger of destroying everything I had worked so hard for, and I walked through those doors, and met a man who had never heard of The Listening let alone watched it. I’ve written my full name – Michael Kenneth Williams – and in the office, the pastor turns around, and he says: So what do you want to be called, man? I said: Well, you know, my name is Michael, but I could play Mike. He says: Why does everyone say: Omar, Omar is in trouble?’ And I said: Oh, this guy has no idea about the show,” he said.

Recently nominated for a 2021 Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor for lovecraft country, Michael K. Williams is best known for roles as Omar Little on the series. the listening, and Chalky White in Boardwalk Empire: The Smuggling Empire.

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