step by step to issue in the SUS Connect

O proof of vaccination is available for free on the Connect SUS app or website. The document can be used as long as the “vaccine passport“. However, in recent days the platform has shown instability.

Proof of vaccination: step-by-step to issue in the Connect SUS
Proof of vaccination: step-by-step to issue in Conecta SUS (Image: Tânia Rêgo/Agência Brasil)

Brazilians who completed the vaccination schedule against Covid-19 can now issue proof of vaccination in the Connect SUS. In addition to the certificate, the platform allows citizens to see all the data on the Covid-19 vaccine and information about the services of the Unified Health System (SUS).

The system was developed by the Ministry of Health and aims to show general information about each citizen, such as the digital vaccination card and the national certificate of vaccination against Covid-19.

In addition, it can gather the results of laboratory tests of Covid-19, the drugs of the “Popular Pharmacy“, records of blood donations and monitoring of the position in the transplant queue.

The Ministry of Health reported that, for now, the Connect SUS only presents data on vaccination against Covid-19. However, the other immunizing agents applied by SUS will be added gradually.

How to issue proof of vaccination in the Connect SUS?

The document is available on the website and application of the Connect SUS. Also, the citizen can download in PDF format. Both are valid for 12 months. See below the step-by-step instructions on how to issue the Vaccination Certificate:

  • On the website or in the app, click on the “vaccines” tab;
  • Then, click on the box containing the dose information (manufacturer, batch, place and date of dose application);
  • Then click on “vaccination certificate” (this option only appears for those who have completed the vaccination schedule. The document has the citizen’s information and a QR Code available in Portuguese, English and Spanish);
  • To issue the certificate in another language, click on the country’s flag and initials at the top of the page. The system automatically switches the version.

The certificate can be used and can be used on international travel. The app can be downloaded for free on devices running the iOS or Android operating system.

To access, you must have an account in the Federal Government system, which can be performed with CPF and an e-mail address Register Access or directly in the app.

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Proof of vaccination: step-by-step to issue in the Connect SUS

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