Street Fighter: Brazilian draws real-age fighters | sports

Brazilian illustrator Diego Sanches drew characters from Street Fighter 2, released in 1992, according to the actual ages they would have today, based on the birth dates informed in the game. His work, carried out in March and April 2020, went viral in recent days on Twitter and reached international game sites, which encouraged him to work on the arts of more characters.

Zangief, one of the most famous Street Fighter fighters, was born on June 1, 1956 and would therefore be 64 years old in 2020 (65 this year already). Diego’s illustration shows the character’s older traits. He, however, has not lost his athletic bearing. The Brazilian also drew Fei Long (51 years old), Cammy (46) and Balrog (51).

Diego, who is 38 years old and lives in São Paulo, told ge that he decided to make the drawings inspired by a work by Spanish illustrator Xavier Garcia.

— I was inspired by a Chun-Li that Xavier Garcia had made last year, which followed this idea of ​​what it would be like with the chronological age. I decided to play other characters and posted them at the time. The idea was to do all of Super Street Fighter 2, but I didn’t make much progress due to lack of time, but now that this spontaneous viralization has gone, I’m encouraged to do more again — said the Brazilian to ge.

— If I can, I want to make all 17 Street Fighter 2 Turbo characters. Next up will be Ryu and Guile, who I started sketching out some ideas for.

See images of four characters with real ages, by Diego Sanches:

Character design Zangief, from Street Fighter, aged 64 in 2020 — Photo: Reproduction/Diego Sanches

Character design Fei Long, from Street Fighter, 51 years old in 2020 — Photo: Reproduction/Diego Sanches

Character design Cammy, from Street Fighter, aged 46 in 2020 — Photo: Reproduction/Diego Sanches

Drawing of the Balrog character, from Street Fighter, aged 51 in 2020 — Photo: Reproduction/Diego Sanches