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The Civil Police reported in the early hours of this Wednesday (8) that they had arrested a man who might be the financier of the mega-robbery in Araçatuba, in the interior of São Paulo.

According to the Criminal Investigations Department (Deic), the suspect was in a house in the north of Sorocaba (SP), a city about 450 kilometers from Araçatuba.

The arrest was made on Tuesday (7), more than a week after the attack on banks, on August 30, which left three people dead in the city and another five injured.

Caixa Econômica Federal agency was destroyed after attack in Araçatuba (SP) — Photo: Personal archive

The suspect, according to the police, is Paulo César Gabrir, 33 years old. According to police, he already had tickets for theft and murder.

Along with him, the police seized two luxury cars, documents related to organized crime – which indicate his activities in several states.

Two luxury cars were seized in Sorocaba (SP) with the suspect of financing a mega-robbery in Araçatuba — Photo: Civil Police/Publishing

According to the police, Paulo César informally stated that the logistics of the attack cost R$ 600,000.

Terror in Araçatuba: find out about the mega-robbery on bank branches

Terror in Araçatuba: find out about the mega-robbery on bank branches

The police also arrested two other people: Paulo César’s wife, Michele Maria da Silva, 40, a fugitive involved in drug trafficking; and Emerson Henrique Dias, 25, who has been involved in theft. The three were fined by a criminal organization.

Hostages are placed on top of cars during bank attacks in Araçatuba, SP

Hostages are placed on top of cars during bank attacks in Araçatuba, SP

Heavily armed criminals attacked three bank branches in the center of Araçatuba (SP), in the early morning of the 30th, a Monday. The action lasted two hours, between attacking agencies, shooting and fleeing.

Security cameras caught attack hostages being approached in Araçatuba (SP) — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

  • Group of 20 criminals attacked three bank branches. In two of them, the bandits managed to take money; the value was not informed;
  • Vehicles were set on fire to close roads and disrupt the arrival of the police;
  • Criminals took residents and drivers hostage, with some of the victims made of “human shield”; group also used drone to monitor police arrivals;
  • Three people died in the city, among them a criminal; another five were injured;
  • Two suspects of participating in the crime died in other cities, one in Sumaré and the other in Piracicaba;
  • Six suspects were arrested;
  • Streets in the center of Araçatuba were isolated, as explosives were spread throughout the city; Gate seized 98 bombs; work to detonate and deactivate took more than 30 hours;
  • Explosives dropped by criminals had sensors to trigger explosions;

Armed criminals held residents of Araçatuba (SP) hostage after bank attack — Photo: Personal archive

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