Suspected of financing robbery in Araçatuba is arrested in Sorocaba

A 33-year-old man, suspected of being the financial director of the structure that allowed the mega-robbery registered in Araçatuba, was arrested. The Civil Police action took place this Tuesday morning (7th), in the municipality of Sorocaba. Two other suspects were detained during the action.

The activities were carried out by police from the 1st Precinct of the Division of Investigations into Crimes against Property (Disccpat), of the State Department of Criminal Investigations (Deic), who received information about a man who maintained a high standard of consumption, sported luxury vehicles and could be involved in the invasion of Araçatuba.

The indications led to a property in Parque São Bento, in Sorocaba. At the address, the teams spotted a VW/Amarok pickup and were able to locate the suspect under investigation, who was accompanied by a trader, who was reported to have been a fugitive for trafficking.

An approach was made and during the work a mechanic arrived at the scene, driving a BMW. A consultation was also carried out and it was verified that he had recently left a prison in the Araçatuba region.

The police searched the residence and, more precisely in the bedroom, found a large amount of documents related to organized crime that indicate his presence in activities in several Brazilian states.

During the action, the first one approached admitted having financed the operation to rob the banks in Araçatuba and even informally revealed that the logistics of the invasion to that city cost R$ 600,000. The three were fined by a criminal organization.

Another five suspected of involvement in the crimes had already been detained by São Paulo police. The materials were sent to the Federal Police, which continues with the investigations to clarify the facts.