Taliban bans Afghan women from playing sports, newspaper says | olympics

Afghan women will be banned from playing sports. In an interview given to the Australian network SBS and reproduced by the British newspaper “The Guardian”, the deputy director of the Taliban cultural commission was asked about the practice of cricket, a very popular sport in the country. And it showed that the same line of thought will be taken into account for other modalities.

– I don’t think women will be allowed to play cricket because it is not necessary for women to play cricket. In cricket they will be in a situation where their faces and bodies will not be covered. Islam does not allow women to be seen as such.

– This is the media age, and there will be pictures and videos, and people will watch. Islam and the Islamic Emirate (as the Taliban renamed Afghanistan) will not allow women to play cricket or any sport in which they are exposed – Ahmadullah Wasiq said.

Afghan woman playing cricket in the city of Herat in 2014 — Photo: Aref Karimi/AFP

Wasiq’s statements reaffirm the group’s position of radicalism and exclusion from women’s fundamental rights, despite previous attempts to be moderate in speeches. The issue is closely monitored by the international community.

The Afghan cricket federation told The Guardian that it has not been officially communicated of the Taliban’s position, but the training program for girls has already been suspended. There are reports of hidden athletes, expecting to flee the country, fearful of repression.