TAP and Brazilian company Livelo launch bonus points transfer offer

Airbus A330-200 from TAP Air Portugal

Livelo, one of the main rewards companies in Brazil, starts the month of September with a bonus transfer offer in partnership with TAP Miles&Go, TAP airline’s loyalty program, for customers who are planning trips.

Until Friday (10/9), all customers who transfer points get a 30% bonus on TAP Miles&Go and a 30% bonus back on Livelo, adding up to 60%. Subscribers of Club TAP Miles&Go or Club Livelo earn an additional 5% bonus points in both programs, totaling 70%.

The customers of the two clubs guarantee an even greater benefit: 80% bonus, with 40% bonus points in the TAP loyalty program account and 40% back in the Livelo account.

To activate the offer, you must transfer at least 1,000 points. The bonus of up to 80% is valid for bonuses that add up to 350,000 points. Transfers with a bonus above this amount will generate a 40% bonus on excess points, with 20% for all customers on the TAP Miles&Go account and 20% back on Livelo, regardless of whether the customer is a member of any of the clubs.

If the customer makes more than one transfer during the campaign period, the total value of points will be considered to apply the bonus limit of 350,000. For example: 1st transfer of 200,000 points + 2nd transfer of 200,000 points: in this case, the total transferred is 400,000 points, so there is up to 40% bonus on TAP Miles&Go and on Livelo it focuses on 350,000 points, and on the remaining 50,000 points , the bonus will be 20%.

Bonus points will be credited within 15 working days of the end of the campaign. The transferred points are valid for 36 months on TAP Miles&Go. Bonus points on Livelo are valid for 24 months and bonus points on TAP Miles&Go have up to 23 months of validity, starting from the credit.

More campaign details are available by clicking here.

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