The day Jean-Paul Belmondo spluttered in Ouro Preto – Culture

Actor Jean-Paul Belmondo and students in Ouro Preto (photo: Ouro Preto Photography Store)
Actor Jean-Paul Belmondo and students in Ouro Preto (photo: Ouro Preto Photography Store)

In the early 1970s, it existed in Black gold It’s a photo shop that found its true identity when a tourist stuck his head through the door and asked if the pub was closed yet. It was the collective property of students who had been apprentices of the photographer Z Lima, who had recruited them to take care of the great demand for weddings and graduations that filled his schedule.

Strategically located on the corner of Rua Direita and Praa Tiradentes (divided with the camel “seu”Nezinho), the store was just a part of the Gonalves house, divided into three parts: reception, studio and laboratory. In the first the sweet receptionist Marlia tried to manage the prevailing chaos. The studio, in its spare time of day and every night, was the “curriculum area” proper. The laboratory, in addition to solvents for developing films, was the cellar supplied by suppliers from Calambau and surrounding areas.

There, the party never ended: after a certain very intense, sleepless carnival, I left Rosrio at dawn in search of some lost soul lost by the night; I saw a light coming out from under the store door and I thought someone was finishing a late order: surprise! House full of people with an unbridled sequence of revelry that only ended on the following Saturday, due to absolute exhaustion and threats of collective internment at Santa Casa.

From the store came strange processions: on a foggy Tuesday night, a line of naked boys came out of there and went to the front of the Tiradentes statue, where confused choreographies were performed around two in the morning; from there also departed, aboard the famous gardener “Chiquitona”, the unforgettable ethil-cultural excursions called “Circuito do loom” and “Dois dias no Caraa” – both left indelible marks in neighboring towns, astonished by the circus numbers and voiceovers by Elvis Presley starring Ivon Caldeira, Shakespeare dramas by Ney Cokda and a percussion show by members of Carlota’s charanga, all in the midst of tobacco fog.

There are photographic and cinematographic records of these deeds, which are kept in uncertain places and not known by anyone afraid of staining their present with the delights of youth. I hope they haven’t been destroyed yet.

In the studio, the set of jacket, white shirt and bow tie, used for the graduation photos, was also dressed by a wide spectrum of models that made up the incredible panel printed on one wall: the Graduates Gallery of Escola da Vida ; They were found there from Mayor Alberto Caram to Beru, the one who could grind his teeth near the Museu da Inconfidencia and make himself heard at the door of the Academic Center.

In those pre-Internet days, there was news there of the last fighting of the Vietnam War, brought in directly by defecting Americans who had fled the front lines a few months ago. Backstage details of Joo Gilberto’s concert with Caetano, Gil and Betnia in So Paulo were also known, brought by guitarist Joozinho Bossa Nova: he had been the roadie in charge of supplying Joo with ping pong balls and herbs from the North, and he was dedicated It is, uniquely, exclusively and neurotically, chord by chord, reproducing the master’s repertoire.

One dawn, there was also heard, with the walls trembling, a recital of excerpts from shriveled operas by the landscape artist Burle Marx. But nothing beat what happened on a tedious late afternoon. A couple of tourists came in to buy a movie. Suddenly, someone repairs the client better, and…

– Jean Paul Belmondo?

– Hey!

– Have a cachacinha?

– Srement!

Once the bottle was provided, the doses followed, the taste of which was tasted with tongue provided on Lampio and accompanied by a guitar that always remained on duty in the laboratory. The Frenchman left more there than here, promising to always return.

As there was no wooden skewer in that blacksmith’s house, the scenes were duly documented and, the following day, requested by the eternal correspondent of Jornal do Brasil, Maurlio Torres. Two days later, rumors are heard coming from the Universitrio Restaurant: a mob gathered around the restaurant’s entrance panel was delighted with the exhibition of a clipping from the Rio newspaper. It was the column of

Zzimo Barroso do Amaral that printed a photo of Jean Paul with their gold and black hosts. Below, the demolishing caption: “Jean Paul Belmondo in Ouro Preto drinking with local idlers.”

These were days of endless jokes, greatly increased when supplementary information circulated in Ouro Preto that shook the reputation of the irresistible don Juans of the store: dazzled by “Pierrot le fou”, the gang didn’t pay attention to his companion. Through Zzimo’s column, everyone learned that it was his girlfriend, the stunning Laura Antonelli, the general muse of the Cine Vila Rica sessions: the attempt at an explanation made a mention of the morenice acquired by her on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. It didn’t work.

Quick cloth.

* Retired Professor at the Federal University of Ouro Preto (Ufop)