Tonico will trap Pilar in ‘In the Times of the Emperor’ | come around

At the chapter of this fourth, 8/9, the newly elected deputy will embark towards the capital to take up his position in the Chamber and he will not wait to get his hands on his ex-fiancée.

Review the scene where Pilar leaves Tonico at the altar:

Pilar forces Naiza to take her place at the wedding and flees the farm

Pilar forces Naiza to take her place at the wedding and flees the farm

Review the scene where Tonico discovers Pilar’s whereabouts:

Tonico discovers Pilar's whereabouts

Tonico discovers Pilar’s whereabouts

Skulduggery, the villain invited Pilar’s youngest and father, Eudoro (José Dumont), who doesn’t even want to hear about the runaway daughter, to accompany you on your trip to Rio.

Review the scene where Eudoro burns Pilar’s belongings:

Eudoro has all of Pilar's belongings burned

Eudoro has all of Pilar’s belongings burned

Once on the ship, he tells his advisor and accomplice, Nelio (João Pedro Zappa) how do you plan rediscover the ex:

“I’m going to use the little sister with a bait! Pilar will want to find her sister, she’ll have to do it in the bush, without Eudoro finding out. But I’ll know everything, because Dolores will tell me!”, reveals Tonico.

Nélio (João Pedro Zappa) listens to a plot by Tonico (Alexandre Nero) in ‘Nos Tempos do Imperador’ — Photo: Globo

“If Pilar thought she could leave me at the altar without having change, let her wait for me!”, the villain plots.

Recall the moment when Tonico was elected deputy:

Tonico wins the election for deputy

Tonico wins the election for deputy

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Pedro insists to get back together with Luísa. Pilar celebrates the birth of the twins. Clemencia suffers to take care of the babies. Samuel tries to convince Guebo to enter the military school. Tonico, Eudoro and Dolores depart for Rio de Janeiro. Teresa talks to Pilar about Tonico’s arrival in the capital. Teresa probes Luísa about her correspondence with Pedro. Luísa deduces that Teresa used Mariquinha to separate her from Pedro. Luísa declares herself to Pedro.

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