Truck drivers protest on highways in Santa Catarina, Paraná and Espírito Santo | Brazil

Truck drivers make protests this Wednesday in stretches of highways in Santa Catarina, Paraná and Espírito Santo, according to Federal Highway Police (PRF) of the States. In Santa Catarina, there are block in trucks in Garuva, Joinville, Mafra, Santa Cecília, Guaramirim and Campos Novos. In Paraná, there are manifestations on the federal highways in Paranavaí and Maringá. In Espírito Santo, truck drivers block 8 cities.

The category was divided as to the acts of the day September 7th. Independent drivers decided to join, but without formal support from entities. Category leaders who usually act in mobilizations do not believe that a stoppage may occur this week, as reported by the newspaper “Folha de S.Paulo”.

— Photo: Peter H/Pixabay

For them, the agendas defended in the demonstrations did not concern the group’s claims, so there was no incentive to join.

President Jair Bolsonaro’s (non-party) clash with the Federal Supreme Court (STF) is supported by this group. There are three direct actions of unconstitutionality proposed by ruralists and transport companies that have not yet been judged by the court. They question the national minimum floor policy, implemented through law during the Michel Temer (MDB) administration.

Bolsonaro’s radicalization has weakened his political base, and should increase Congress’ reaction to the government. This Tuesday night (7), Pacheco announced the cancellation of Senate sessions scheduled for this week. Allies say the decision would be the first reflection of Bolsonaro’s threats.

Among the side effects was also a heating of impeachment discussions in the center parties.

After the PSD and PSDB started to debate the issue, Solidarity said it will meet next week to close a position, while in the MDB the internal pressure for the party to support the opening of the process has been growing more and more.