Virgínia Fonseca and Zé Felipe comment on João Guilherme’s controversy

After the controversy that gripped the networks involving João Guilherme, jade picon and Neymar, Virgínia Fonseca and Zé Felipe, known as a gossip on the web and meeting the expectations of fans, spoke about the situation. While Zé Felipe confirmed, between the lines, that in fact Jade Picon and Neymar stayed at the party this Sunday (5th) at the player’s brother’s house, Virgínia complained about her lover’s “loose tongue”.

“Since last night this phone hasn’t stopped, my God. I only have one thing to tell you: it’s the CBF’s fault! It was the following: boy Ney came to develop a wonderful job, CBF dropped his ‘deal’ and what did he do? It was for an event,” said Zé Felipe. After the revelation of João Guilherme’s brother and the quick repercussion of the case, Jade Picon felt the need to speak out and even sent an indirect message to her ex.

Virgínia Fonseca complains about Zé Felipe’s revelation: ‘She doesn’t hold her tongue’

Virginia, who had joked the night before with the fact that Zé Felipe was “very Maria Fifi”, when the singer was listening to her family’s gossip on her mother-in-law, Margareth Serrão’s cell phone, complained about her lover’s declaration. “How can you not hold your artist’s tongue, old man? always when there is controversy that he wakes up early“she said, while interacting with a member of her husband’s team, with whom she recently traveled to the coast.

The influencer also showed a print of her WhatsApp, with the last message sent to João Guilherme. “Reflection of the day: nothing is too bad it can’t get worse. I swear I tried, John,” she wrote. In the messages, Virginia said: “Yeah… Your brother has already woken up talking.”